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God of War

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God of War review

God of War has always been held dear in the game world, almost impossible to hate. This 2018 installment of the franchise has Kratos trying to live the life of a man instead of a god on Olympus. He tries to bury his violent past but now also holds the responsibility to teach his son Atreus how to be a warrior. God of War has its original DNA still intact, though more focus is now on the Norse realm. Just like what we’ve come to love, there’s plenty of blood and gore, but now with a stronger emphasis on the story.

Features and Functions 

God of War sees a much older, wiser and calmer Kratos settled in the Norse realm of Midgard. He also has a son Atreus who is determined to be a warrior and fearless just like his dad. The game presents a fresh break from what players have been used to which is Greek gods. This new God of War is radically different, which is represented in the title. The characters are new, the locations are unique to the franchise, and there is more focus on Kratos’ personal relationships and emotional connections. The perspective has changed a lot too, as you are now almost zooming in and out of the third person with the fight brought much closer to you. 

The game has experienced a complete revamp, and you’ll immediately feel the difference when you launch the new God of War. The game plays differently, although at heart this is still a God of War game. The reworked combat system is a lot more satisfying and engaging than before, which was a difficult feat to pull off. Kratos now has the Leviathan Axe, which introduces a whole new approach to combat. With the armor, skill, and upgrade systems, you’ll never feel like you are just repeating the same combos. There are still objectives, and the game’s main storyline is always lingering. However, you have a lot more freedom to explore the world, the lore behind it, as well as the relationship between Kratos and his son. 


God of War’s main difference in terms of visuals is the “over-the-shoulder” perspective which allows you to get much closer to Kratos and the battles. If you’ve come across Horizon Zero Dawn, then this will feel eerily familiar. The game also encourages you to explore the massive open world and interact more with its elements and the NPCs. What’s more, the locations you visit are breathtaking, and some of the scenes will leave you speechless. Visually, it is intuitive, and you’ll love how second-nature the controls feel once you fully absorb your environment. The bosses are beyond epic, and the overall design is excellent. 


God of War feels like a whole new revamp, astonishing even players who are used to the franchise. The overarching storyline is pulled off nicely, and you will be enthralled to see how the relationship between Kratos and Atreus unfolds as well as the events around them. The controls are mapped quite nicely and, surprisingly enough, fit the multitude of combat options you unlock with upgrades. Kratos is the same powerful figure, and he’s entirely different with Atreus as motivation. Suffice to say, you will enjoy this personal journey with Kratos and his son.

God of War

5 / 5

Size: 93 MB